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HemiQuantum Concepts

Hemi Physics refines critical concepts in physics as taught today:


Forces get based upon position-in-field.  But, each current equation is improved when understood as the scaling versus the equilibrium, so not 1/d^2, but related to the Bohr-H radius basic equilibrium as 1/(d/a0)^2 which then makes that scaling dimensionless.

That improves the Newton 2nd Law of Motion for subatomic particles to make every equation explicit 3D engineering.


Further, that means that a) every equation and b) every physics constant relates back to:

  • Planck's constant, but understood now as hc@a0 for Hydrogen.

  • The speed of light (c)

  • The particle dimension, center to particle-edge, (r-sub-e).

  • The basic equilibrium for electrons shells versus the nucleus at the Bohr-H radius (a0).


There are three core interactions, that combine to make all the fundamental forces.


Electrons do not orbit.  Instead, there are three directions


Magnetism applies as the subatomic level as every particle has an 'xtrastatic' (XS) axis which gives the wave


Mass is an acceleration allocation that ties 

HemiQuantum Techniques


Present all position-in-field as dimensionless 1/(d/equilibrium)^V or 1/(d/equilibrium)^W.


Remember that hemisphere counts, build by the Pauli-hemisphere pairs, so not cube-root(N), but 


Use the scaling of Bohr-Hydrogen (a0), then adjusted

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