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 About HemiChem

Hemispherical Computational Chemistry is a series of techniques and 3D engineering tools to make the abstract chemistry teaching understandable for the broad range of Knowing styles.  Leaning is not just about abstract formulas.  Instead, each teaching is a 3D engineering and geometric model.  Each teaching is a set of concrete concept words that have meaning understandable and related to the knowable physical world.  Each teaching follows from mechanics that one can manipulate in a classroom or at home.

  • Formulas

  • Visual diagrams and graphics and 3D engineering

  • Videos

  • Books and textbooks

Yes, HemiChem also is an advanced computer program that can follow every subatomic particle and wave through each chemical reaction.  Yet, we decided that to reach its full potential, HemiChem techniques should get taught to everyone.  With that we can open STEM education to all learning types and create the next generation of engineers and scientists.


Greg Goodnight

CEO, AVGC Technology Innovation, LLC

Arno Vigen


Mark Cooper

Patent Attorney, Chemist

Arno is a telecom and technology C-level executive with multiple patents.   As a homeschooling parent, he discovered the improvements to science by the Hemi frame-of-reference. 


Graphic Shapes
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